Company Profile

From 1999, Narasimha Impex Private Limited started its manufacturing activity at its plant at the industrial estate in Vichur, the industrial estate located in Manali. Our Factory is only 4 kilometers away from M/s Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited.

Today,we claim ourselves as a reputed and widely known manufacturer and supplier of Rubber & Fireworks Grade Sulphur Powder. Our Registered Head Office & Marketing division is located in the heart of the City.

The company is managed by Mr. J. Chandrasekaran - Managing Director. He has a high Technical and Management back ground and is well experienced in the manufacturing and marketing operations for more than 20 years.

Our products are being marketed all over India and also exported to Sri Lanka. Our Rubber Grade Sulphur Powder is widely used in Rubber Industries for manufacturing Tyres, Tubes, Flaps, Chappals, MC Sheets, Tread Rubber, Moulded, dipped & Extruded Rubber goods, Rubberised Mattresses etc. Our Fireworks Grade Sulphur Powder is widely used in Fireworks, Match, Pyrotechnic Industries etc.

Company Policy

Our company policy is "To produce consistent quality of Sulphur Powder at competitive pricing and deliver in time to the satisfaction and benefit to our most valued customers". We take utmost care in protecting our customer's interests including the pricing that is done on the basis of our raw material prces and not on the market conditions. We maintain all Norms and Standards set by the government, in collection and remittance of taxes and duties, optimal usage of electricity, water, environmental protection, safety and customer relationship.


Product Packing And Marketing

Due to the high humidity in our factory located area and the nature of our product, We use the best method available for our sulphur powder and more over our product has to be restored within the store area given by the Government Department, We pack our products either using a seperate LDPE liner, heat sealed for making air tight and put inside a HDPE/PP unlaminated bag or directly in a LDPE laminated HDPE/PP Bag, double stiched at both the ends.

In order to sell our products at most competitive prices and also to maintain the quality of our products we market and sell the directly from our company.


Factory Unit - I

Plot No.5, Shed No.2, Sidco Industrial Estate,
Vichur, Chennai - 600 103,
Tamilnadu, India.

Factory Unit - II

3/203, Sethuranalingapuram Road, Vijayarangapuram Village,
Vijayakarisalklam Post, Sivakasi - 626 131,
Tamilnadu, India.

Factory Unit - III

4/725 B32, P.S.K. Nagar, 4th Street, Hussain Colony,
Keelathiruthangal Village, Sivakasi - 626 189,
Tamilnadu, India.


Environmental And Safety Protection

We streamline and control our process sytematically which enables us to maintain the quality in a most consistent manner since we started by using our quality control measures and we are sure that the quality will be maintained with out any compromise.

We are producing our Sulphur Powder keeping Environment as our first preference and we ensure that we do not pollute the nature in any manner by adopting all precautionary steps to abide by the conditions and standards set by the Pollution Control Board.

We also implement safety measures with our workers and plant area regulary which has led us through out till date accident free within our factory premises.


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Regd Head Office & Marketing Division

Narsimha Impex Pvt. Ltd.
#103, (Old No. 25), Kumbalamman Koil Street,
Chennai - 600 081, Tamilnadu, India.
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